Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Jamestown has more than two policecars

My friend and collaborator Tom Sgouros has a great blog about RI policy, and has written a fantastic article about municipal budgeting. Well worth reading. And you'll find out why Jamestown has more than two police cars.


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Jacob @ Safe'n'Dry said...

The man brings up some solid points and it makes you think..hard.

Especially about how the state devides funding and picks'n'chooses what it brings attention too. My GF works in Youth and Childhood developement, so you'd be hard pressed to find someone else in the state who'd be as pissed off as her about how the State contributes to education...espeically when it comes to special needs education.

A small town in Mass...Becket, not too long ago had the same issue of only having 1 cop car..the jokes were bad, but again it goes to show that the priorities in a town or area where the population isn't large enough for the state to care...gets the shaft.

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