Friday, March 17, 2006

Proudly, I'm Publicizing Something... Call for Submissions


The Providence Initiative for Psychogeographic Studies (PIPS) is looking for experimental projects in contemporary urban exploration and public art. Provflux brings together a wide range of artists, thinkers, and thrillseekers for a weekend of interventions, discussions, explorations, and citywide entertainment.

The projects can take any form, providing it engages notions of urban space and the public's interaction with it. Interventions, actions, urban installations, presentations, and any other projects of this nature will all be considered. All disciplines are encouraged to submit material.

Deadline is May 1.  
To submit, visit

PIPS could also mean People Involved in Providence Sculpture, Personages Invading Public Schools, and/or Popular, Interesting, Persuasive, and Sexy.

Part of the pips AESTHETIC is fluidness of meaning, and a sense of humor about the work.

I haven't been to any of the other festivals, but I'm going to try to be at this one!

More about PIPS

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Providence Chamber of Commerce and Arts & Business Council of RI Part ways

Interesting things afoot-- the Arts & Business Council of RI (ABC/RI) very ably run by Peter Bramante, a former dancer with Groundwerx) and the Chamber of Commerce are splitting ways.

ABC/RI is the founder of ArtTix, which recently lost its chief staff member/developer-- Richard DeFlumeri, who left to take a great job with Yale University. ArtTix is a much need resource for RI theatres and artists, and there would be a big hole in the theatre world of RI if ArtTix couldn't continue. (Not to mention all of the other good programs that ABC/RI runs)

As the article says-- the independence will be good, but fundraising will have to increase. "Fundraising will have to increase" is sadly a familiar restrain in the local arts world lately.

From the article:

Charles T. Francis, chairman of the Chamber’s board of directors, said in an interview last week that the organization will no longer fall under the governance of the Chamber, which has provided an office and services to the council since its creation nearly 17 years ago.

“The Arts and Business Council and the Chamber have decided to go separate ways,” Francis said. “We wish the council the very best … I think they would like their independence, and we’ve helped them to get their independence.”

Council Executive Director Peter N. Bramante said the group views the change as a positive one that could give it a greater, re-energized face in the community.

“We’ve been grateful for our affiliation with the Chamber,” Bramante said. “That connection to the business community has been an important one that we think will continue. But now, we will be a direct go-to for the business community and our member organizations.”

The most immediate and physical change resulting from the divestiture is the location of the council’s offices. In the upcoming weeks, the council will complete its move from the Chamber to the Dorrance Street home of ArtTix, a service of the council that provides information, marketing and ticketing services for arts and cultural organizations in the region.

The council’s advisory board, which includes several past and present members of the Chamber’s board and staff, will become a governance board with power over the council’s direction. James DeRentis, executive vice president of retail banking and marketing for Bank Rhode Island, will serve as chair of that board, Bramante said.

The level of the members’ involvement also will likely increase, he said.

“I think the independence that comes with this divestiture from the Chamber is going to create a greater investment from the members on the board,” Bramante said.

Other changes are not immediately known. Bramante said the arts council would lose the services provided by the Chamber, and fund-raising efforts will have to increase as a result.

Read Full Article in Providence Business News (Note-- Articles are not archived for long-- read quickly!)

See the ABC/RI website